Step 1: Prepare for Your Exit

Watch: 7 Key Elements for Creating a Business for Sale Listing

4 minute video

Watch: 7 Key Elements for Creating a Business for Sale Listing

Business for sale listings that include 7 key elements are more likely to attract buyers. Watch this video and learn what buyers respond to and what turns them away. In just a few short steps, you’ll learn how to create an impressive listing that  gets you leads.


00:05:27 | Thinking about selling your business?

00:06:28 | As the Internet's largest and most active business for sale marketplace, we've done the research and are here to help.

00:16:20 | Buyers are more likely to respond to listings that include seven key elements.

00:22:02 | One… write a catchy headline.

00:25:08 | Stimulate interest and motivate buyers to learn more. Use keywords buyers might use during their search and, highlight unique selling points.

00:35:04 | Two… specify the location.

00:38:23 | If your listing is confidential, you can hide its location, but the more you share, the more likely that buyers will find it in their search.

00:46:08 | Include an address to show a map on your listing. If you don’t want to show the address, share the county.

00:00:52:20 | Or, state. But remember, the more information you share, the more searches your listing will appear in.

00:59:05 | Three… choose a search category.

01:22:29 | Over 30% of buyers search by category. You can choose two categories, so buyers are more likely to find your listing.

01:11:16 | Four… choose an attractive photo.

01:15:12 | Always show a visual representation of your business. If the listing is confidential, use a stock photo.

01:22:16 | Poor quality, blurry photos can turn buyers away. Photos with watermarks or other information are not acceptable.

01:31:00 | Five… include key financials.

01:34:15 | Listings that include key financials get more leads. Price and cash flow are the most important.

01:44:00 | Asking price shows buyers the total amount you’re selling the business for.

04:46:12 | Cash flow is arrived at by starting with your before-tax-profit. Then, add back in any payments made to the owner, interest and any depreciation of assets.

01:59:03 | Gross revenue shows buyers how much the business is making before expenses.

02:04:28 | FF&E, meaning furniture, fixtures and equipment, are important for asset sales.

02:11:21 | Inventory is the value of the merchandise, raw materials, finished and unfinished products which have not yet been sold. This value can be included in the sale price or valued separately.

02:24:21 | Your accountant or business broker can help you determine these values.

02:29:15 | Six… have a well-written description.

02:33:07 | The description should be succinct and include all the essential facts. Highlight how your business is unique and stands out. Focus on its strengths and future potential. Don't hype it up, exaggerate or use all caps.

02:51:01 | Seven… Make sure you’re easy to reach.

02:55:25 | Respond to buyers within 24 hours. A slow response can mean a missed opportunity.

03:01:28 | Next… publish your ad on our network.

03:05:20 | Review your completed listing,

03:07:23 | Edit it and finalize.

03:10:00 | When you're ready, click the publish button.

03:12:28 | You're on your way to selling your business on the Internet's largest business for sale network.

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03:31:06 | Need help? Contact a broker.

03:34:03 | BizBuySell has the largest directory of business brokers, with over 6,000 nationwide. An experienced broker can assist you through the entire sales process.

03:45:15 | Get your business in front of millions of buyers today.